Sarah Schubert is a social activist and incidental community organizer who helps as our Volunteer Coordinator.  Her activism is centered on the importance of voluntary cooperation and free association of individuals and groups. 

As such, she is acutely interested in the fleshing out of ideas and the collaboration of efforts that are necessary for implementation.   She believes an honest and nourishing environment, wherein all individuals’ contributions are valued equally, allows for a more fluid sharing of intellectual, spiritual, and physical resources to obtain common goals. 

The most exciting outcome of any collaboration comes when a group finds a heightened level of cohesion, bringing together seemingly dissimilar interests and transcending to a state of synergy.  

Sarah happily continues to pursue this end as a necessary tool to facilitate impactfully, lasting changes beneficial to the people of Harrisburg – or, simply to create events and moments that make you smile.  It’s beautiful when we can work together to build whatever thing, but more so when we learn about each other in the process.

Sarah holds a BA in Sociology – with a side of Journalism – from New York University.  She searches for someone to help her brush up on her French language skills.  She even plans to make more flip books when she’s not blowing minds.  Sarah lives, sleeps, and eats around Harrisburg.