John Destalo, Human Resources coordinator for the MakeSpace, is pre-occupied in Harrisburg.  He uses his skills as an observer and an overanalyze to design and develop word-based expressions.  He first started writing his thoughts down over ten years ago using simple words to explore complex ideas about what it means to be human.  He began this exploration as a conversation with himself and then eventually started sharing this conversation with others. 

He expanded his interests in writing and design to create ways of displaying his work through postcards, bookmarks, brochures, and booklets.  He has self-published a few booklets including I want to be a star, Being Human, and Afterbirth which are available through and recently published his first book through PostDada Press called Raw: Exposing the Untamed Mind which is available at The Midtown Scholar Bookstore.

He also has a growing obsession in human systems, learning, and organization and is using his relationship with The MakeSpace to explore creating a force for reflective action learning and performance improvement called the Midtown Human Performance Lab which would include a body of knowledge, workshops, and a community of practice.